Postel is a jewellery label motivated by conscious design and production methods. Our motivation is to contribute to our global community with environmentally sustainable methods. We create wearable items that are considered to include societal adaptability, ethical practice and minimal waste. Because contributing in a positive way to an industry that dominates the landscape of our environment feels good.

All sterling silver 925 and 9ct yellow gold is from recycled materials and we encourage the purchase of solid precious metals. All of our pieces are made to order in our Melbourne studio, which means no excess waste.



Designed by Charlotte Gregg with a masters in fashion from RMIT and an undergraduate in architecture. Charlotte experimented with making jewellrey while working as a womenswear designer and fell in love with the beauty of how wearable pieces can transform style and become the centre of attention, while also being highly versatile. 


Our latest collection 'IMPRESSIONS' celebrates the transition of a woman and her body as she prepares for the change into motherhood. Drawn from the loss of a child and the acknowledgement of connection and pain through mourning lives we have never lived.

I hope that with open dialogue the path these women travel is smoother. It takes strength to see the subtle beauty of life in hard times.

10% of all profits from www.goingpostel.com are donated to various mental health support organisations.